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What's SHATTAF 2.0 ?

Transform your bathroom with the Shattaf 2.0 by Taztool—Effortless hygiene at the touch of a button. Embracing the advanced cleanliness of Japanese bidet technology, Shattaf 2.0 offers precision and comfort in a simple attachment. Join the clean revolution today.

Key Features

  • Fits all toilet seats
  • 8 Minute Installation
  • Perfect front or rear wash
  • Ambient temperature water
  • Precise pressure control


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the nozzles "get in the way"?
SHATTAF 2.0 nozzles are retracted and covered so you won’t contaminate them when not in use. Plus, we built in a self cleaning system so the nozzles are rinsed before each use.
2. Do i need electricity to use SHATTAF 2.0?
Nope! No electrical outlet required. SHATTAF 2.0 is mechanically powered, using the water pressure in your pipes to operate.
3. Will it fit my toilet?
SHATTAF 2.0 is designed to fit all toilets, both round and elongated including most one-piece and curved toilet fixtures.
4. Is the water used clean?
Yes! It is the same clean water used for your sink and shower
5. How do i dry off?
After you’re done washing simply pat dry with a few squares of toilet paper to finish the job. You will be reducing your toilet paper usage by up to 75%.

How do I install my product?

Installation so easy, you'll wonder if you accidentally became a tech wizard overnight. Check our guide !


Still having trouble?

Watch our DIY video on YouTube & don't forget to drop a Like !

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