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Taztool Mini (Portable Bidet)
Taztool Mini (Portable Bidet)
Taztool Mini (Portable Bidet)
Taztool Mini (Portable Bidet)

Taztool Mini (Portable Bidet)

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Product Features

Taztool Mini is the ultimate portable bidet for those who value cleanliness and convenience on the go. Whether you're at work, visiting friends, or traveling, Taztool Mini ensures you stay fresh with its powerful water jets.

  • Efficient Cleaning: Provides a strong jet for thorough cleaning.
  • No Electricity Needed: Operates manually without batteries.
  • Compact & Discreet: Easily fits in your bag.
  • Integrated Nozzle & Pump: Simple to use and store.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduces toilet paper use by 80%.

Dimensions: 15 cm long / 5 cm wide / 220g

Hygiene on the GO!

Clean butts on-the-go with Taztool Mini: the pocket-sized Bidet!

Hit the Bullseye!

Stay Fresh and On Point with Sniper Precision Portable Bidets. Handle business like a pro!

How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Taztool Mini Require Batteries?
Absolutely NOT! It's designed to provide high pressure manually using our embeded pump design.
2. Is it large to carry around?
Taztool Mini is very compact and comes in a 3 in 1 combination. it's only 15cm tall!
3. Is it Durable?
### Durability of Taztool Mini The Taztool Mini is crafted from top-quality materials, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. Designed to withstand regular use, it is built to last, providing reliable performance whenever you need it. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your portable bidet is made to endure.
4. Does it have enough Pressure?
Absolutely! Taztool Mini provides adjustable pressure, allowing you to control the water jet intensity to your preference. This feature ensures a comfortable and effective cleaning experience every time.

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